The Santa Braguita Manifesto


Santa Braguita is a beating heart that loves, laughs and creates beauty. Santa Braguita is a place where hearts come together, interact and connect. Santa Braguita is a group of creative people who are developing a new concept of collaboration, art, love and business. A powerful mix of dance, colors, textures and fabrics that jump out of each piece we create.


At Santa Braguita we create one-off, artisanal garments, all designed and made with love, for you to enjoy. Our clothing, all made in Barcelona, is fun, colorful, comfortable, accessible, practical and high-quality. From humble beginnings to the entire world, Santa Braguita is about the joy of dressing from the inside out!


The same old shops, the same old designs, the same colors and patterns as everyone else, where's the fun in that? Santa Braguita is about individuality. It's resistance, re-evolution, different and fresh. It's the chance to wear something unique, fun, full of life and good vibes and very, very special.



Things that might happen when wearing our brand:


-       I've seen a design I love but I can't find it on your website!

This can happen, because very few of our models are the same. But that's what makes them as original and different as you, and we're sure that that's a good thing!


-       On the beach, all my friends were asking about my bikini!

We can believe it! Santa Braguita' designs never go unnoticed! People will look and people will ask questions, and what's even more important, you'll feel beautiful and special.


-       I wore my top on a night out and it went down a storm!

For sure! Santa Braguita is more than a brand of bikinis and underwear. At Santa Braguita we create art, and where better to exhibit that art but on your body? Where, when and how are up to you!


-       I wanted a Flash model but now I can't find it!

This is a common problem. We call them Flash models because they dazzle and they disappear in a... well, flash! If you see a model you like, don't think twice and make it yours! Tomorrow might be too late!


-       I want a bikini like the one I saw on Instagram. If there are none left, can you make me one?

We make gorgeous, incredible and unique garments, but we don't do made to measure... for the moment.


-       Since buying my first bikini, I've become a Santa Braguita addict!

Welcome to the club! May all your addictions be as healthy as this one!


-       I think I might be a bit too old for these bikinis!

Age is just a number! If you take the first step, we'll make sure you feel better than ever!


-       I saw your bikinis in Ibiza a while ago and I'm dying to get my hands on one!

Sometimes in life we miss our chances, but... you're in luck! Choose the one you like best and scratch that itch!


-       I'm scared to order the surprise patterns!

In order to live life to the full, we have to take risks from time to time... although the truth is that here the risk is small and the surprise enormous!


-       I bought a top and bottom combo, a Brazilian panty and a culotte. I can combine them all with the top and it's like I have a load of different bikinis!

You're on our wavelength! Ah, and have you tried wearing the Brazilian panty the other way round? With this little trick you'll have even more variety!


-       I love your bikinis!

We make our bikinis for you to enjoy and so that you can have a variety of items in your wardrobe each season for a reasonable price! We want you to feel happy, beautiful and full of life! It's about being different... it's about being you!



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